Saving a Project

Acid Pro b save Saving an ACID Project


File Menu

To save changes to the current project, choose Save from the File menu. Your project is saved with its existing name and the project is updated so it contains the latest changes.

The first time you save a project, the Save As dialog is displayed.

If you want to render a project to a different format, choose Render As from the File menu.

Acid Pro warning Saving an ACID ProjectIf you save an ACID 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, 5.0, or 6.0 project in ACID 7.0 software, it will be unusable in earlier versions of the software. Use the Save As dialog to save the project with a new name after editing it with ACID 7.0 software.

Acid Pro  Saving an ACID ProjectBy default, backup project files are created when you open or save. Backup files are stored in the same folder as your project and use the extension .acd-bak. You can use these files to revert to a project’s previous state.

Acid Pro  Saving an ACID ProjectIf the Enable autosave check box is selected on the General tab of the Preferences dialog, a temporary project file is saved every five minutes to aid in crash recovery. Your original project is not overwritten.

Saving an ACID Project