Extracting Audio from CDs

Acid Pro b ripfromcd Extracting Audio from CDs

File Menu

From the File menu, choose Extract Audio from CD to extract tracks from a CD and open them as tracks in your ACID project.

Acid Pro tip Extracting Audio from CDsDouble-click a .cda file in the Explorer window (or drag it to the timeline) to extract a CD track without opening the Extract Audio from CD dialog.

Acid Pro warning Extracting Audio from CDsACID software is not intended and should not be used for illegal or infringing purposes, such as the illegal copying or sharing of copyrighted materials. Using ACID software for such purposes is, among other things, against United States and international copyright laws and contrary to the terms and conditions of the End User License Agreement. Such activity may be punishable by law and may also subject you to the breach remedies set forth in the End User License Agreement.

  1. From the File menu, choose Extract Audio from CD.

  2. Choose a setting from the Action drop-down list to indicate how you want to extract audio:



    Read by track

    Choose to extract individual CD tracks. Select the tracks you want to extract in the Tracks to read list. Each CD track is extracted to a new track in your project.

    Read entire disc

    Choose to extract the current CD to a single file. The disc is extracted to a new track in your project.

    Read by range

    Choose to extract a time range. You can specify a starting time and ending time (or a starting time and length). The time range is extracted to a new track in your project.

  3. If you choose Read by track or Read by range from the Action drop-down list, select the tracks or time range you want to extract.

 Acid Pro  Extracting Audio from CDsClick Play to preview your selection. In order to preview, your CD drive’s audio output must be connected to your sound card, or you can connect headphones to the front of the CD drive.

  1. From the Drive drop-down list, choose the drive that contains the CD from which you want to extract audio.

  2. Click the MusicID button if you want to obtain CD information using Gracenote MusicID.

    If CD information is not available, you can click the CD Info button to display a dialog box where you can edit the CD information and submit it for inclusion in the Gracenote Media Database.

    For more information about obtaining or editing CD information, click here.

  3. From the Speed drop-down list, choose the rate at which you want to extract audio. If you experience gapping or glitching, decrease the speed or click Configure and adjust the Audio extract optimization slider.

  4. Click OK to start extracting audio.

  5. Type a file name and choose a location for the file.

    After the track is extracted, the Beatmapper Wizard starts if the track is longer than 30 seconds.

    Acid Pro tip Extracting Audio from CDsSelect the Autoname extracted tracks check box on the General tab in the Preferences dialog if you want to automatically assign
    file names to tracks that you’ve extracted from CDs. File names will include the CD’s identification number and track number, and the files will be saved in the folder specified on the Folders tab of the Preferences dialog.

Extracting Audio from CDs