1. Right-click the marker tab Acid Pro markertab Using Markers, and then choose Rename from the shortcut menu. The marker name changes to an edit box.

  2. Type a new name in the edit box.

  3. Press Enter.

Drag the marker tab to a new location.

Acid Pro tip Using MarkersHold Shift while dragging to override snapping.

Right-click the marker tab and choose Delete from the shortcut menu.

Click the marker tab.

  1. Position the cursor.

  2. Right-click the marker tab, and then choose Adjust Tempo to Match Cursor to Marker from the shortcut menu.

    The project tempo will change so the cursor position matches the selected marker.

Using Markers


Insert Menu

Markers can be used to indicate points of interest or to make notes in a project.

To create a marker, choose Marker from the Insert menu. A marker will be added at the cursor position.

Acid Pro markerexample Using Markers

Acid Pro tip Using MarkersEach marker (up to 99) is assigned a number. Pressing this number on the keyboard moves the cursor to the corresponding marker.

What do you want to do?

Acid Pro  Using Markers Name a marker

Acid Pro  Using Markers Move a marker

Acid Pro  Using Markers Delete a marker

Acid Pro  Using Markers Move the cursor to a marker

Acid Pro  Using Markers Adjust the project tempo to align the cursor with a marker

Acid Pro btnshowall Using Markers

Using Markers