Preferences – External Control & Automation Tab

Options Menu

Use the External Control & Automation tab to set up and customize control surfaces. To display this tab, choose Preferences from the Options menu, then click the External Control & Automation tab.

Acid Pro  External Control & Automation PreferencesYou can connect one Mackie Control Universal (with up to four Mackie Control Universal Extenders), one Frontier TranzPort, and up to five generic MIDI controllers.

Acid Pro tip External Control & Automation PreferencesThe selected device isn’t enabled until you select the External Control command from the Options menu.



Smooth and thin automation data after recording or drawing

When recording automation or drawing envelope curves, ACID software creates as many envelope points or keyframes as possible to represent your control movements.

Select this check box if you want to reduce the number of envelope points/keyframes after recording/drawing is finished.

Acid Pro  External Control & Automation PreferencesThinning is not applied to MIDI controller envelopes that you record from a hardware device.

Set controls to default values when automation is turned off

Select this check box if you want controls to return to their default values when set the track’s automation recording mode to Automation Off. Automated effect parameters do not have default settings and will retain their last-set values when you turn automation off.

When the check box is cleared, controls will retain their last-set values when you turn automation off.

Available devices

Choose a device from each drop-down list, and then click Add to choose the control surfaces that will be available to ACID software. Adding a device loads its default profile.

Active control devices

Lists the control devices that you’ve added. If you want to customize the behavior of the controller, double-click the device name.

Default All

Restores all control surface preferences to the default settings.

External Control & Automation Preferences