Edit in Audio Editor

Tools Menu

From the Tools menu, choose Edit in [editor name] to open the selected track’s paint clip using an editor specified on the Editing tab of the Preferences dialog. For example, if you have Sound Forge selected as an audio editor, you could choose Tools > Edit in Sound Forge to start Sound Forge.

Acid Pro tip Open in Audio EditorRight-click an event in the timeline, choose Event Clip from the shortcut menu, and then choose Edit in [editor name] from the submenu.

Acid Pro warning Open in Audio EditorImportant:

  • The command is not available if you have not specified an audio editor on the Editing tab of the Preferences dialog.

  • When you edit a clip in an external editor, audio, MIDI, and external control hardware is released regardless of the Close audio and MIDI ports when ACID is not the active application check box setting (see Preferences > General). The ports are re-enabled when focus is restored to ACID.   

  1. Select the track you want to edit.

Acid Pro  Open in Audio EditorYou can select multiple tracks to open each track’s clip in a separate window in the sound editor.

  1. From the Tools menu, choose Edit in [editor name]. The editing application is opened with the track’s active clip.

  2. Edit and save the file.

    The changes will automatically be applied in your ACID project.

Acid Pro  Open in Audio EditorIf you save the edited media with a different file name or location, your changes are not applied automatically. You can add the newly created media to the project as a new track or click the Replace button Acid Pro b open Open in Audio Editor in the Clip Properties window to replace an existing track with your new file.

Open in Audio Editor