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Acid Pro b newmiditrack Inserting Tracks


From the Insert menu, choose Audio Track Acid Pro b newtrack Inserting Tracks to add a new, blank audio track at the end of the track list, or choose MIDI Track Acid Pro b newmiditrack Inserting Tracks to add a new, blank MIDI track.

If you want to add a track in a specific location, right-click a track header and choose Insert Audio Track or Insert MIDI Track from the shortcut menu. The new track will be inserted above the selected track.

Tracks are created automatically when you add MIDI files to your project. Inserting tracks manually is helpful when you want to create placeholders for creating new MIDI tracks with inline MIDI editing or recording from a MIDI keyboard.

Acid Pro  Inserting TracksNotes:

  • When you drag a media file from the Explorer or Media Manager window to an area of the timeline that does not contain a track, a new track will be created and a new event is added to the new track where you drop the media.

  • Drag a file from the Windows Explorer, Explorer Window, or Media Manager window to an existing track in the timeline to add a clip to the track and add an event where you drop the clip. The new clip is set as the active clip for creating events with the Draw Acid Pro b draw Inserting Tracks or Paint Acid Pro b paint Inserting Tracks tool.

  • When you add a MIDI track, its output is automatically assigned to the next available channel (channel 10 is skipped since some devices reserve channel 10 for drums). For more information about routing MIDI tracks to soft synths or MIDI devices, click here.

  • MIDI tracks can use .mid, .smf, and .rmi files.

Acid Pro tip Inserting TracksYou can change the default track volume, pan type, height, track effects, record input monitor status, and automation mode by right-clicking a track and choosing Set Default Track Properties from the shortcut menu.

Inserting Tracks