Preferences – Video Tab

Options Menu

From the Options menu, choose Preferences and then click the Video tab to set options for the video track and configure an external monitor. Your video will be sent to this device when you click the Preview on External Monitor button Acid Pro b enableexternalmonitor Video Preferences in the Video Preview window.

Acid Pro tip Video PreferencesAudio is not output to the external monitor.



Show source frame numbers on event thumbnails as

Choose a setting from the drop-down list to change the format used to display frame numbers in the video track, or choose None to turn off frame numbering.


Choose a video output device from the drop-down list.


Displays information regarding the video output device specified in the Device drop-down list.

If project is invalid for DV output,
conform to the following

If your source media does not conform to DV standards, choose a setting from the drop-down list to adjust the video to display properly on your external monitor.

Sync offset (frames)

If audio and video do not play back in synchronization on your external monitor, drag this slider to specify a frame offset to restore synchronization.

Acid Pro  Video PreferencesThis setting affects synchronization on an external monitor only. Audio and video synchronization in your ACID project is unaffected.

Record engage delay (frames)

This control has no effect on your ACID project.

Default All

Click to restore the Video tab to the default settings.


Video Preferences