Preferences – Editing Tab

Options Menu

From the Options menu, choose Preferences and select the Editing tab to specify options for editing on the ACID timeline.



Project tempo range

Use the up and down arrows or enter a value in the edit boxes to specify the minimum and maximum tempo available in the ACID project. Changing this option will affect the resolution of the Tempo slider.

Tempo curve segmentation

Choose a setting from the drop-down list to change the timing resolution ACID uses to interpolate tempo curves.

Editing application X

Displays the path to each editor you want to have displayed in the Track List shortcut menu and in the Tools menu. Click the Browse button to choose an editor.

Right-click in the track list, and choose Edit in [editor name] to edit a the media file associated with a track.

Acid Pro  Editing PreferencesYou can specify any editing tool you want to use; however, this feature was designed for use with destructive audio/MIDI editors.


Click to select the .exe file for each editor you want to have available in the track list shortcut menu and in the Tools menu.


Enter the name that you want to use to identify each editor. This name is displayed in the track list shortcut menu and the Tools menu.


Click to remove an assigned editor.

Check for latest versions of Sony editors

Select this check box if you want to automatically check your computer for the latest versions of Sony programs and use them as editing applications.

Default All

Click to restore the Editing tab to the default settings.


Editing Preferences