Using ACID Software

With ACID software, it’s a breeze to create songs and remixes, develop music beds, score videos, or develop music for Web sites and Flash animations — just pick, paint, and play. Don’t be fooled, though: ACID software also includes powerful tools for mixing and remixing.

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Acid Pro  OverviewWorking with projects

Acid Pro  Overview Track editing

Acid Pro  OverviewEditing events on the timeline

Acid Pro  OverviewWorking with grooves

Acid Pro  OverviewTempo, time signature, and key

Acid Pro  OverviewUsing markers, regions, and commands

Acid Pro  OverviewUsing automation

Acid Pro  OverviewApplying effects

Acid Pro  OverviewMixing audio

Acid Pro  Overview5.1 surround projects

Acid Pro  OverviewRecording

Acid Pro  OverviewBurning CDs

Acid Pro  OverviewWorking with MIDI

Acid Pro  OverviewWorking with video

Acid Pro  OverviewTimecode synchronization

Acid Pro  OverviewUsing the Media Manager