The Start offset for an event specifies a playback starting position that is different than the beginning of the file. This is especially useful for loops; you can change the feel by simply starting a loop at a point other than beat 1.

There are two ways to edit the Start offset:

  • The most precise way is to type in the number of samples (or ticks for a MIDI clip) by which you wish to offset the Start offset edit box.

  • In the timeline, select the Draw tool and hold the Alt key while dragging an event left or right. The waveform will scroll within the event boundaries to show the new starting point.

The Pitch shift value raises or lowers the pitch of the selected event. Event-based pitch shift is calculated after the project key and any pitch shift assigned to a track.

Acid Pro  Modifying Event PropertiesWhen the Preserve pitch when stretching check box is cleared in a Beatmapped track’s Properties, you cannot change the pitch of a Beatmapped event.

The Speed setting allows you to change the playback speed (and consequently the pitch) of an event on a one-shot clip.

When an event does not end on a loop point, you can introduce an audible click at the edges of the event. Select the Quick fade edges to prevent clicks check box to apply a quick fade-in or fade-out to prevent clicking when you split events, pitch shift, or perform other edits that do not occur at a loop point.

Acid Pro  Modifying Event PropertiesBecause quick fades are very short, you will have to zoom in to see them. You can set the quick fade duration on the Audio tab of the Preferences dialog.

Adjusting quick fades

To adjust a quick fade, zoom in to the event and hover over upper-left or upper-right corner of an event until the cursor is displayed as a Acid Pro fadeoffsetcursor Modifying Event Properties. Drag the edge of the fade to adjust its duration:

Acid Pro quickfade Modifying Event Properties

Adjusting the fade curve

  1. With the Draw Acid Pro b draw Modifying Event Properties or Time Selection Acid Pro b timeselect Modifying Event Properties tool selected, right-click in the faded area, and choose Fade In Type or Fade Out Type from the shortcut menu.

  2. Choose a fade type from the submenu to set the speed of the fade.


Would a reverse-tape effect add the perfect nuance to your project?

Select the Play reversed check box to reverse an event. When you play the project, the event is played backward, and an arrow is displayed on the event to indicate that it has been reversed:

Acid Pro reversedevent Modifying Event Properties

Acid Pro tip Modifying Event PropertiesPress B or right-click an event and choose Reverse from the shortcut menu. You can reverse multiple selected events at once.


Modifying Event Properties

Event properties allow you to perform advanced event-level editing. These properties are saved only with a project and are not saved into the files when you save stretching properties for a clip.

To modify event properties, right-click an event and choose Properties from the shortcut menu.

Acid Pro eventproperties Modifying Event Properties

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