Acid Pro b snap Event Snapping


Options Menu

From the Options menu, choose Snapping, and then choose Enable from the submenu to turn snapping on or off.

Snapping helps you align items along the main ACID timeline, in the Chopper window, on the Stretch tab of the Track Properties window, and in the Groove Editor window.

When snapping is enabled, the Grid only command is available:

  • When Grid only (Ctrl+F8) is selected, all elements that are designed to snap to the grid will snap only to grid lines in the timeline. The grid is defined in segments of time.

    You can set the resolution of the grid by clicking the down arrow Acid Pro b downarrow2 Event Snapping next to the Enable Snapping button Acid Pro b snap Event Snapping and choosing a setting from the menu or by choosing Grid Spacing from the Options menu and choosing a command from the submenu.

  • When Grid only is not selected, elements can snap to grid lines, regions boundaries, markers, the cursor position, loop region in and out points, or the element’s position before you started dragging.

Acid Pro tip Event SnappingYou can temporarily override snapping by holding the Shift key after you start dragging.


Event Snapping