ACID software can analyze a clip’s audio to extract its groove so you can apply its feel to other tracks.

Acid Pro  Creating GroovesGroove cloning can extract grooves from loop clips only.

  1. Perform either of the following actions:

  2. Right-click an event in the timeline and choose Event Clip from the shortcut menu.

  3. Right-click a track header and choose Paint Clip from the shortcut menu.

  1. Choose Add to Groove Pool from the submenu.

    A new groove will be added to the Groove Pool window using the name of the clip you selected in step 1.

Acid Pro  Creating GroovesGrooves that you create from existing clips will be available only in the project where they were created. If you want to make a groove available to other projects, export it to a .groove file. See Export a groove in this help topic for more information.

Acid Pro tip Creating GroovesYou can also click the Add to Groove Pool button Acid Pro b addtogroovepool Creating Grooves in the Clip Properties window to add the selected clip’s groove to the Groove Pool.

Existing grooves can serve as templates for creating your own grooves.

  1. In the Groove Pool window, select the grooves you want to duplicate. Hold Ctrl or Shift to select multiple grooves.

  2. Click the Duplicate Selected Grooves button Acid Pro b duplicategroove Creating Grooves. The duplicated grooves are added to the Groove Pool.

  3. To change the name of a duplicated groove, right-click a groove and choose Rename from the shortcut menu.

  4. You can then edit the duplicated grooves as needed.

You can use the Import Grooves button to add grooves from .groove files or other media files to the Groove Pool of your project.

  1. Click the Import Grooves button Acid Pro b open Creating Grooves in the Groove Pool window. The Import Groove dialog is displayed.

  2. Select the .groove or media file you want to add. Information about the file is displayed at the bottom of the dialog.

  3. Click the Open button to add the new groove to the Groove Pool.

Acid Pro tip Creating GroovesYou can extract a groove quickly by dragging a file from the Explorer window or Media Manager window to the Groove Pool.

Grooves are stored with your ACID project. Exporting a groove allows you to save a groove in a file that you can use in other projects or share with other ACID users.

  1. Select a groove in the Groove Pool window.

  2. Click the Export Selected Grooves button Acid Pro b saveas Creating Grooves. The Export Groove to File dialog is displayed.

  3. Choose a drive and folder from the Save in drop-down list, or use the browse window to locate the folder where you want to save your groove.

Acid Pro tip Creating GroovesBy default, grooves will be saved in the folder specified in the Default groove folder box on the Folders tab of the Preferences dialog.

Grooves in this folder will be available in the Groove Pool window when you create a new ACID project.

  1. Type a name in the File name box, or select a file in the browse window to replace an existing groove.

  2. Click the Save button to save your groove.

  1. Click the New Groove button Acid Pro b newgroove Creating Grooves in the Groove Pool window. A new groove is added to the Groove Pool.

  2. Type a name for your groove in the edit box, and then press Enter.

  3. Use the Groove Editor at the bottom of the Groove Pool window to adjust the length and feel of your groove. For more information about editing grooves, click here.

Creating Grooves


You can add grooves to your project by using an existing clip, duplicating existing grooves, importing grooves, or by creating an entirely new groove from scratch.

Acid Pro  Creating GroovesThe grooves listed in the Groove Pool are specific to your project. If you’ve deleted grooves and saved your project, those grooves will be unavailable unless you import the grooves ag

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Creating Grooves