Adding Effects


You can use DirectX and VST audio plug-ins at the track level, on busses, soft synths, or as assignable effects chains.

Acid Pro tip OverviewIf the plug-in you want to use isn’t displayed in the Plug-In Chooser, you can use the Plug-In Manager window to indicate where your plug-ins are installed and scan for plug-ins.

Acid Pro warning OverviewBe aware that using non-in-place plug-ins (such as Time Stretch, Pitch-Shift without preserving duration, and some Vibrato settings) will cause audio to play out of synchronization with the waveform display in the timeline and with other tracks. If an effects chain includes non-in-place plug-ins, the effects chain icon will be displayed in yellow (Acid Pro b noninplace Overview).

When using ACID software as a ReWire device, any effects chain that includes non-in-place plug-ins will be automatically bypassed to prevent synchronization problems with the ReWire mixer application. The effects chain icon will be displayed in red (Acid Pro b bypassinplacechain Overview). Apply the plug-ins within the ReWire mixer application.

What do you want to do?

Acid Pro  OverviewAdd effects to a track

Acid Pro  OverviewAdd effects to a bus

Acid Pro  OverviewAdd effects to a soft synth

Acid Pro  OverviewCreate an assignable effects chain

Acid Pro  OverviewEdit effects in the Audio Plug-In window

Acid Pro  OverviewBypass all audio effects