The Media Manager Window


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You can use the Media Manager window to search for media and manage your collection of loops so you can find just the right media for your ACID compositions.

The Media Manager maintains a database of your media, including file attributes, ACID metadata, and tags that you can assign to classify your media.

Acid Pro  Media ManagerWhen the Enable Media Manager check box on the General tab of the Preferences dialog is selected, the Media Manager will start when you start ACID software.

Clear the check box to turn off the Media Manager and prevent it from starting with the application. If you’re not using the Media Manager, you may want to turn it off to conserve processing power or memory.

What do you want to do?

Acid Pro  Media ManagerCreate a new media library

Acid Pro  Media ManagerOpen a media library

Acid Pro  Media ManagerUse reference libraries

Acid Pro  Media ManagerBack up your library

Acid Pro  Media ManagerAdd media to a library

Acid Pro  Media ManagerRemove media from a library

Acid Pro  Media ManagerTag media

Acid Pro  Media ManagerSearch for media

Acid Pro  Media ManagerPerform an advanced search

Acid Pro  Media ManagerCustomize the Search Results pane

Acid Pro  Media ManagerPreview media

Acid Pro  Media ManagerDisplay media relationships

Acid Pro  Media ManagerAdd media to a project

Acid Pro  Media ManagerTag media for a new loop collection

Acid Pro  Media ManagerSet Media Manager options

Acid Pro  Media ManagerUse the Media Manager with multiple computers

Media Manager