Working with Groove Maps


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From the View menu, choose Groove Pool to toggle the display of the Groove Pool window. The top portion of the Groove Pool window displays the available groove maps in your project. The bottom portion shows the selected groove map so you can edit it.

Acid Pro  Groove PoolThe grooves listed in the Groove Pool are specific to your project. If you’ve deleted grooves and saved your project, those grooves will be unavailable unless you import the grooves again.

A groove refers to the rhythmic pattern of a piece of music. Groove maps in ACID software expand on the software’s ability to match the rhythm and timing of files nondestructively and in real time:

  • Breathe new life into your collection of loops and MIDI files by creatively applying grooves to change the rhythmic feel.

  • Adjust the timing of a track to add or remove a human feel.

  • Quantize and map multiple tracks or loops to a common groove.

  • Extract the groove from an existing audio file.

  • Create new grooves from scratch.

  • Different grooves can be applied to an entire track or portions of a track so you can easily match loops with incompatible feels and tighten/loosen grooves nondestructively.

Acid Pro warning Groove PoolGrooves cannot be applied to tracks that contain Beatmapped clips.

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