The Time Display


The Time Display shows the current cursor position, MTC input, MTC output, or MIDI clock output time. The right-hand field always displays the cursor position in format, and the left-hand field displays the cursor position (using the time ruler format) or the MIDI timecode/MTC status.

Acid Pro TimeWindow Time Display

Double-click either of the fields in the Time Display window to type a value in the edit box. When you press Enter, the cursor will move to that position.

You can change the format of the left-hand field or the appearance of the Time Display by right-clicking the Time Display and choosing a new format from the shortcut menu.



Edit Cursor Position – Beats

Allow you to move the cursor to the position you specify.

Edit Cursor Position – Time

Time at Cursor Format

Choose Time Format and choose a setting from the submenu to set the time units used in the Time Display and Time Ruler.

For a description of each of the time units available in the submenu, see “Change the format of the time ruler” in the The Time Ruler topic.

Time at Cursor

Displays the time based on the current cursor position.

MIDI Timecode Out

Displays outgoing MIDI timecode.

MIDI Clock Out

Displays outgoing MIDI clock.

MIDI Timecode In

Displays incoming MIDI timecode.

Generate MIDI Timecode

Enables generation of MIDI Timecode during playback. For more information, click here.

Generate MIDI Clock

Enables generation of MIDI Clock during playback. For more information, click here.

Trigger from MIDI Timecode

Enables playback to be triggered using MIDI timecode. For more information, click here.

Time Display