Transport Controls



Acid Pro b record Transport Controls


Click to start recording into all armed audio and MIDI tracks.

Acid Pro b loopplay Transport Controls

Loop Playback

Click to toggle looped playback mode. When the button is selected, only the portion of the current project within the loop region Acid Pro loopregion Transport Controls will be played back.

Acid Pro b playall Transport Controls

Play from Start

Click to start playback from the beginning of the project regardless of the current cursor position.

Acid Pro b play Transport Controls


Click to play back the project from the current cursor position.

Acid Pro b pause Transport Controls


Click to stop playback and leave the cursor at its current position. Click again to resume playback.

Acid Pro b stop Transport Controls


Click to stop playback and return the cursor to its starting position.

Acid Pro b gotobeginning Transport Controls

Go to Start

Click to move the cursor to the start of the current project.

Acid Pro b gotoend Transport Controls

Go to End

Click to move the cursor to the end of the current project.

Acid Pro b steprecord Transport Controls

MIDI Step Record

Click to open the MIDI Step Record dialog, where you can record by specifying the interval between MIDI notes. Step recording allows you to record notes with very precise timing.

Acid Pro b MIDIMergeRecord Transport Controls

MIDI Merge Record

Click to enable MIDI merge recording to build a MIDI part by recording repeatedly into a loop region. MIDI merge data is recorded in real time, and you can add more notes or MIDI controller data each time recording passes through the loop region.

Acid Pro b metronome Transport Controls


Click to use the metronome during playback or recording.

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Metronome Countoff

Click the button to turn metronome countoff on or off, or click the down arrow next to the button to set countoff options.

Metronome countoff allows you to use the metronome to count off a set number of bars before beginning recording or playback in the same way a drummer counts off with her sticks before the band starts playing.

For more information about using and confuguring metronome countoff, please see the Metronome help topic.

Transport Controls