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This section of the help file answers some commonly asked questions about ACID software and shares tips and techniques to help you use ACID.

We also maintain forums on our Web site where you can share tips and tricks with other ACID users.

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Acid Pro  OverviewCreating projects

Acid Pro  OverviewHow to set up a MIDI keyboard

Acid Pro  OverviewCreating a submix using busses

Acid Pro  OverviewCreating a cue (headphone) mix using busses

Acid Pro  OverviewUsing hardware-based effects with your project

Acid Pro  OverviewUsing hardware-based synthesizers with your project

Acid Pro  OverviewUsing real-time rendering to render a hardware device’s output with your project

Acid Pro  OverviewMonitoring an external source without mixing it with your project

Acid Pro  OverviewRecording audio from an external source

Acid Pro  OverviewRecording using an input bus

Acid Pro  OverviewFine-tuning Beatmapped clips