Installing DLS Sound Sets (Instruments)


When you use the DLS soft synth to play MIDI data, DLS sound sets provide the voicing for the soft synth.

The ACID application disc includes a number of DLS instruments you can use in your ACID projects.

  1. Place the ACID application disc in your DVD drive. The setup screen is displayed (if AutoPlay is enabled for your DVD-ROM drive).

    If you have disabled the AutoPlay feature, click the Start button and choose Run. Type D:\setup.exe, where D is the drive letter of your DVD-ROM drive.

  2. Click the Browse Disc link. An Explorer window displays the contents of the application disc.

  3. Navigate to the Content > Custom Sound Sets and Songs > DLS Instruments folder.

  4. Copy the .dls files in the DLS Instruments folder to a folder on your computer.

  5. When you want to use these sound sets, perform the following steps:

  1. Double-click a soft synth icon Acid Pro b dirtysynthindicator How to Install DLS Instruments in the Mixing Console window. The Soft Synth Properties window is displayed.

  2. Choose a DLS set from the Voice set drop-down list, or click Open DLS Voice Set Acid Pro b open How to Install DLS Instruments to browse to a .dls file.

    The new voice set is applied, and information about the programs in the voice set is displayed.

    For more information about working with the DLS soft synth, please see Using DLS Soft Synths.

How to Install DLS Instruments