Fine-Tuning Beatmapped Clips


For more control over Beatmapped clips, you can use the Stretch tab in the Clip Properties dialog to add tempo changes to a clip or edit time signature and root note information.

Acid Pro  Fine Tuning Beatmapped ClipsSupport for multitempo clips is available for clips that are recorded or rendered in ACID or by adding Beatmap markers on the Clip Properties dialog.   

  1. If the window isn’t already visible, choose Clip Properties from the View menu.

  2. Click an event in the timeline to select the Beatmapped clip you want to edit. The clip’s information is displayed in the Clip Properties window.

  3. From the Options menu, choose Grid Spacing, and then choose Quarter Notes from the submenu. We’ll use the grid lines in the Clip Properties window to check our tempo map.

  4. Click the Stretch tab. The Stretch tab shows the Beatmap and measure markers. This clip represents a four-on-the floor kick drum with several tempo changes, but the Beatmap markers have been removed to demonstrate how we can add and adjust Beatmap markers manually.

    Notice now the measure markers don’t align with beats in the waveform and how the measures contain varying numbers of beats:

    Acid Pro beatmapmanually 1 Fine Tuning Beatmapped Clips

  5. Let’s add a Beatmap marker at each measure marker.

    Right-click each measure marker and choose Insert Beatmap Marker from the shortcut menu (or double-click the measure marker):

    Acid Pro beatmapmanually 2 Fine Tuning Beatmapped Clips

  6. The second measure marker occurs slightly after the beat in the waveform, so we can drag the Beatmap marker to the left:

    Acid Pro beatmapmanually 3 Fine Tuning Beatmapped Clips

  7. We know each measure should have four beats, but the second measure currently has five beats, and the beats in the waveform don’t align with the grid marks.

    Let’s drag the third Beatmap marker to the left. Notice how the measure now contains four beats that are aligned with the grid:

    Acid Pro beatmapmanually 4 Fine Tuning Beatmapped Clips

  8. Repeat for measure four:

    Acid Pro beatmapmanually 5 Fine Tuning Beatmapped Clips

  9. . . . and again for measure five:

    Acid Pro beatmapmanually 6 Fine Tuning Beatmapped Clips

  10. In the previous screenshot, you can see that a measure marker was added near the end of the clip as we dragged the fifth Beatmap marker to the left. Let’s double-click it to convert it to a Beatmap marker.

    Acid Pro beatmapmanually 7 Fine Tuning Beatmapped Clips

  11. As we drag the last Beatmap marker to the left, we can see that each measure now contains four beats that are aligned with the grid.

    Acid Pro beatmapmanually 8 Fine Tuning Beatmapped Clips

Acid Pro tip Fine Tuning Beatmapped ClipsYou can also change the root note or time signature of a Beatmap marker by right-clicking it and choosing a new setting from the Root Note or Time Signature submenu.


Fine-Tuning Beatmapped Clips